14 February

Happy Valentines Day

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Happy Valentines Day

I stumbled across this old Valentines card that Will sent out a few years ago. Yep, the boy can create his own animated gifs.

1 October

The American Letterpress

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This Thursday, a Wright Design Series can’t miss. The American Letterpress, with speaker Jim Moran from the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. Thursday October 4, 7:00pm at the Monona Terrace. And it’s FREE. More Event Details

12 January

This guy at work

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So we all have a story about some guy at work. Well here’s mine. Our building is set in a Prairie in the middle of ¬†Madison WI. We see wildlife from our windows, rabbits, raccoons, deer, coyotes and hawks. Today one of the young hawks spent most of it’s day sitting on our window ledge. […]

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13 December

Growing my Flowers

Months ago, I’m thinking it was even before Jason and I got engaged I found this photo of a bouquet made from vintage brooches on Pinterest. I then decided that this is something that I had to make. I have set myself out on a search for vintage brooches to fill in my bouquet, which […]

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6 May

Participate in the Design Madison Survey

Participate in our online survey to win a chance at a FREE Design Madison membership. http://designmadison.com/survey/

16 April

Make a Gift to the University of Wisconsin Adult Student Scholarship Fund

You know how important it is to support scholarships for traditional students, but adult and nontraditional students often have even greater needs and fewer opportunities. Many adult students are parents trying to go to school, take care of their families, and support their communities. Others care for their aging parents while trying to take a […]

1 June

Vintage Designs

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I stumbled across some vintage design prints at AllPosters.com Great stuff, and when you think of what work had to go into all this – it just amazes me. Today there is way too many people with either no ideas, no original ideas, and just those people who have a computer and a graphics package […]

2 March

I am a Free-Wheeling Architect

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Yes, I am a I am a Free-Wheeling Architect Go to the following site and find out what you are, let me know by posting your results. http://www.personaldna.com