Before you contact me I just need to let you know one thing. I get a lot of contacts from people I do not know. If you are serious about working with me you must provide your full name, email, phone, who/where/what you are working with, any other additional information you can provide. Why am I asking this? Because we all get spam, some malicious, some not. I need to protect myself and know that you are legit… So I need to screen these contacts. If you email me and say that you like my work and want me to help on something and all you provide is your first name you are likely going to end up with the emails that go to the junk. I am very sorry to anyone who has contacted me in this way and not gotten a response.

If forms aren’t your thing feel free to email me at And if you want to connect to me via all those social networks, follow the links to the icons below.



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