The UW System Adult Student Guide from UW HELP is a publication that is geared towards the non-traditional college student. We needed to create a guide that would help individuals that are looking to return to school but don’t have the typical help provided to a traditional student. In order to create that guide we needed to be sure that we could give them something portable, something that answers the questions that they haven’t even thought of, and something that would walk the students through the necessary processes while trying to avoid any confusion.

We provided links to online resources and always displayed contact information within the content. In addition we provided a checklist inside of the back cover, which was perforated for the potential students to pull out and check off the steps as they went. A gate folded back cover also accompanied the booklet to hold any of the more time sensitive resources that the prospective student may need including a listing of the current services available to returning adult students, contact information for the continuing education offices of each campus, and a listing of all available programs.

In keeping with our theme of using sustainable resources for printing all items were printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified papers by a FSC certified printer.